About Us

About Manton Skateboards
....The future of Australian Skateboarding

Manton Skateboards is an Aussie skateboard company that designs and develops a full range of premium quality skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, bearings, griptape, hardware and riser pads. We do it all! We are an 100% Australian owned company run by Aussie skaters. We want to give all skaters quality equipment from the wheels that touch the ground to the grip tape under your feet. Please do not confuse our low prices for low quality!! All boards are premium quality 100% Canadian Maple individually pressed.

Our 7 ply Canadian maple boards are made at the same factories as our major USA competitors and adhere to the same quality construction. Due to our high production volume we have access to the best factories in the world for decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Hardware. 

We think our graphics are sick! They have been designed by some of the best graphic artists you can find (Godmachine who has worked for Tony Hawk, Flip, etc)

Check out our SAF range designed for street skaters: Hollow Kingpin Titanium trucks, Ceramic Bearings and a brand new deck manufacturing method that increases strength and pop way beyond that of standard Canadian maple 7 ply boards.

Our main goal is the produce premium quality skateboards for Aussie skaters from an Aussie skateboard company

Manton skateboards is solely focused on developing the best quality skateboard parts. We want our equipment to help progress the sport of skateboarding in Australia. Our research and development team are constantly working on new ways in the design process to exceed all others brands’ quality and performance not only in Australia but worldwide. The bottom line is you will be riding the best.